• Incredible


    With MaxiVote members can cast votes on a sites monitor listings in a matter of seconds. The advanced technology used makes it so easy to vote when paid or to express an opinion. MaxiVote is a multi choice tool all in a box.

  • Amazing


    Members have always wanted things to be simple and preferably effortless. MaxiVote is all that. As well as being low cost and very efficient, it covers almost all monitors available today.

  • Exciting


    Monitors will experience more traffic with increased votes and they also have more exposure to each user of a site. It is a win win situation where everyone gets something of value. Increase your traffic, get listed on MaxiVote today.

  • Flexible


    With MaxiVote there is nothing to install. You just add a button anywhere on your site which makes it versatile to use with any script. Simply sign up with your domain name, add the monitors you have listings with or ask us to do it for you. Increase votes for your program by signing up below and get your button code instantly.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    A simple click on a button, tick vote type, add comment, email address, name and username before submitting the vote to all the monitors added to the listing with MaxiVote. Monitor buttons are shown, so a member can check out their logo and status, plus they have the option to visit a site directly. Each individual monitor can also be deselected by preference.

  • Profitable


    Become a MaxiVote affiliate. You can sign up to promote and if you are a monitor you can also sign up to add your monitor site to the list if it is not already on it. You will get paid commission for each sale made by a client signing up from your affiliate link.


What is this?

What is this?

Take a peek at MaxiVote. We think you'll like it.